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Traditional Broadcast or traditional media has been around since the invention of the television. It relies predominantly on television and radio to fulfill all needs. From marketing to revenue-generating shows, traditional media is the prime revenue-building model of various media houses.

Even with OTT platforms becoming popular, the traditional broadcast is not going anywhere. It is preferred by the average population and especially those that prefer to keep their leisure spending in a budget. This gives them an excellent bonus that OTT platforms cannot: access to unlimited channels.

If you provide services using traditional broadcast, you do understand the large market size. However, it is just as important to remember that the end-users attention span is low. You might have interesting content on your channel, but without the required IT infrastructure, you may end up losing viewership.

Techgist is the perfect solution to this problem.

How will Techgist help?

Broadcasting technology is a rapidly evolving animal. Without the right partner, it is impossible to keep up with the current trends in technology.

Techgist’s help is the missing ingredient in your road to success. We were found to create a team of experts that would design a unique platform with virtually no problems for the client. Techgist is on a mission to take local content globally.

With our band of trusted partners, both national and international, we have access to some of the most contemporary technology available. Our customer-focused model recognizes any problems you may be having immediately and puts out the fire before you can call us to complain!

What makes us stand out?

Techgist has become an expert solutions provider for media and broadcasting services due to various reasons. This includes:

Team of Experts: Techgist includes some of the most talented employees. Among our team of engineers are experts who have worked in various fields. Their experience in providing traditional broadcasting solutions is the reason why we can provide support 24x7. Regardless of which query or difficulty you have, our team can help you solve them.

Customer-focused model: Techgist was built to satisfy their customers. This means we provide excellent round-the-clock customer support. Our customer support lines are always operated by actual engineers who can detect the problem while you’re on the call with them. Now, you don’t need to wait for feedback, and we’re here to solve your queries.

Innovation: We understand that no two projects are the same. Even if they have the same requirement, we aim to use different paths. This means for each project. You get innovative solutions that come from out-of-the-box thinking. We aim to add creativity to all projects we complete.

Mobile production: Techgist provides mobile-production facilities which provide you with solutions on the go. Now you no longer need to wait for a technician or engineer to book a timeslot. We’re always on the go, ready to look into any problems and solve the issue you may have.

Excellent partners: Looking to partner with international brands and showcase your content globally? You can do that with Techgist’s help. Our band of responsible, global partners gives you access to broadcasting services internationally in various platforms and formats.

Our other services include

Other than traditional broadcasting solutions and services, we provide a variety of other services. This list is curated specifically to help your content. Our other services include:

  • Digital and social media marketing services
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality services
  • International content distribution
  • OTT platform set up, installation, and implementation

As with any technology, the partner you choose is the most important step. Thankfully, with Techgist, you will never have to question anything.

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