Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions

With the advent of extended reality technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality, the life-like experience has reached new heights. Various organisations are using these technologies to enhance their customer's experience.

A brief overview of Augmented and Virtual Reality

With the help of virtual reality, incredible three-dimensional artificial worlds and immersive experiences for users are created. As for Augmented reality, it creates a wonderful real-world, life-like experience. When used together, these two extended reality technologies are setting up a new trend in the tech world.

It is estimated that by the end of 2020, these innovative AR and VR technologies would generate approximately 162 billion dollars in market revenue. At present times, customer experience is a battlefield for every brand. One of the core factors to improve and retain customer loyalty is differentiated CX.

Techgist at your service

Our expert developers at Techgist aim to amalgamate international services with the broadcast world of India and help you explore and experience the immense benefits of these rapidly growing technologies and ensure the growth of your business.

We tend to collaborate with our clients to create immersive and visually mesmerising experiences for their customers with the help of virtual designing solutions. We focus on developing tech innovations that give way to the next-gen Augmented and Virtual Reality devices.

All along this process of helping you improve with the help of AR and VR technologies, we try to understand your problems, define the issues, come up with the most profitable solutions, and perform tests as per the storyboards.

Our developers are well versed and possess expertise in virtual designing services and ensure that the best works are delivered with unique content and graphic quality.

What makes us different

  • Expert technicians: Our developers are well versed in their field of expertise and are highly experienced. We strive to deliver the best virtual reality solutions and ensure that your business grows manifolds with us at your service.

  • Flexibility: We understand that every client's requirement would be unique and will have to be dealt with differently. So at Techgist, we tend to be flexible as per the customer's requirements. We try to understand every problem individually and provide the best possible solution according to the aim and objective of the client.

  • Innovative: We believe in always trying to do something innovative. We always deliver unique solutions as per the customer's requirements and wants. We strive to add uniqueness to every work we deliver, helping you stand out in a crowd.

  • Robust: The work we deliver will always be sturdy and robust. There would never be an instance where we would give you any reason to be anything less than satisfied.
  • Customer-centric: Our customers are the most important point of focus for our entire team. Every individual in our diverse workforce strives to ensure that our customers are left extremely happy with our work once we are done. We see to it that every want of our customers is fulfilled to the best of our abilities.

Other Solutions and Services

Apart from Augmented and Virtual reality solutions, we also provide various other solutions and services in the tech world. For instance:

  • Traditional broadcast solutions and services
  • OTT platform and Cloud solutions
  • Digital media marketing
  • Distribution of Content Globally

Every design has its set of unique challenges that need to be dealt with care. When it comes to Augmented and Virtual reality solutions, it becomes very important to approach an expert to get innovative solutions and experience immersive visuals without hassle.

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