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OTT platforms are no longer an up-and-coming technology. It is already here! With millions of people using OTT and cloud solutions to stream media per day, the traditional broadcast has lost much viewership. But that doesn’t mean you should suffer the same fate. With the right IT partner, you can take your content to global heights.

Publishing content on an OTT platform has various advantages. The biggest of which is the vast viewership. Publishing content on the OTT platform means you can gain access to international viewers.

This is something traditional broadcast services can never fulfill since most regional channels aren’t transmitted internationally. But with OTT, you can share your carefully created content in various countries.

Techgist has the ideal answer to all your OTT and cloud problems!

How can Techgist help?

OTT services might be decades old, but it is constantly being updated. With Techgist’s, you can upload your content to a media method used by millions of people per day.
We’re a team of experts that have designed a list of unique services to make sure our clients can share their content without any problem. India is a massive content developer. To make sure you don’t ever drown in the tide, Techgist is the perfect partner with one stop shop for all your digital need.
We have local and international partners that provide access to unlimited modern technology, taking your content to a viewership you could never imagine.

What makes us stand out?

Techgist has become a leading solutions provider for all media and broadcasting services because of our team. Our expertise is because of:

Our Developers: The success of any OTT service is decided entirely upon the team they hire. With Techgist, you gain access to the industry’s most experienced and most knowledgeable developers. We are a team of developers who provide cloud solutions. This team has worked on various OTT platforms and under various cloud solutions providers. We can provide any service you require any time you require it.

Customer-centered model: Techgist was built to bring national media to international customers. To make this happen, we provide 24x7x365 support to all our clients. This ensures all queries are answered on the spot, and you can engage in content creation without worrying about the IT infrastructure.

All-encompassing solutions: The launching of an OTT service is only the beginning. It requires regular updates and maintenance to make sure it stays on track. Techgist has the resources, experience, and knowledge required to ensure your hard work is always accessible to your viewership.

Robust Methodology: Our team of developers includes some of the most creative minds in the tech industry. This allows us to follow a simple yet effective methodology for managing OTT platforms. Creativity and customer satisfaction are the two pillars on which all our projects are based.

International partners: Techgist has recently partnered with IKOMG. The Swiss company houses over 70 channels. With this partnership’s help, you can now broadcast your content internationally. Gain access to a large variety of platforms and excellent high-definition formats for your content.

Other than OTT platform and Cloud services, we provide a variety of other media and broadcasting services. This list is made to help your content grow and shine.

Our other services include:

  • Digital and social media marketing services
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality services
  • International content distribution
  • Traditional broadcast solution and service

With OTT technology, the distribution and support partner you choose is the crucial ingredient. With Techgist, you get access to a team of expert developers who have detailed knowledge of everything there is to know about the OTT technology.

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